Hi, I am Andreas Dreitz


Call me: Andi
31th of December 1988 in Lichtenfels
size & weight: 184cm ; 77kg
Team: Erdinger Alkoholfrei



Challenge Roth Champion


How it all began:

Different to others triathletes who already started racing at young age, Andi didn’t grew up in the „world of triathlon“. His passion for triathlon started with a passion for cycling. At the age of 17 he participated in some smaller cycle races and enjoyed it. Andis friends also participated in some triathlon races and Andi was curios about this sport. Biking would be his strength, running wouldn’t be an issue due to track and field activities during his youth but swimming… Swimming would. So he started practecing and in 2008, at the age of 19 Andi did his first Triathlon in „Altenkunstadt“ (a small race near his franconian home town). He finished 7th at first try and won a price money of 35€.

2012-2013 Andi joined the ERDINGER Alkoholfrei „junior team“, which gave him the chance to race Pro from 2014 on. His first year as a Pro: Winning Challenge Fuerteventura, Ironman70.3 Mallorca, Citytriathlon Heilbronn and setting a new world record on the 70.3 bike course in Bahrain (2nd place) – dreamlike! Today he can count 12 victories at half distance races (Ironman & Challenge) and obtained the title of European Champion in 2016.

In 2017 a new era began: Andi finished his first long distance race at the Ironman Emilia Romana in Italy. He took the victory at first try and qualified himself for the World Championships in Hawaii 2018, where he finished 13th.

2019 Andi could fulfill one of his biggest dreams by taking the victory of Challenge Roth in front of 250.000 spectators.

Fun facts about Andi