Dreitz, Kessler take 70.3 Raleigh

Andreas Dreitz crushed the bike course in Raleigh with 2:01:45 bike split and grabbed the win in 3:50:41. Meredith Kessler narrowly held off Lauren Barnett in the women’s race.

On a very hot day talented young Aussie Jake Montgomery led the men out of the water in Raleigh in 25:32 and he had defending champion Matt Chrabot right on his heels. Matty Reed, James Seear and David Kahn followed within a few seconds, and those 5 athletes XTERRA maven Branden Rakita swam alone at 1:21 back. German Andreas Dreitz who recently won 70.3 Mallorca and is known for his cycling prowess was next at 2:23 with American Derek Kidwell a few seconds later. All other pros were at least 3:20 adrift behind Montgomery and Chrabot.


Andreas Dreitz is on the throttle

German Andreas Dreitz is the new fast riding man from Germany and this year he already grabbed the 70.3 Mallorca and 70.3 Raleigh titles, but you can expect much more from him.

Slowtwitch:Thanks for spending time with us Andreas
Andreas Dreitz: You´re welcome. Thank you for your time.

ST: How did you spend your time after Mallorca?
Andreas: The time after my victory in Mallorca was not as easy as it looked. This Race was tough the weather conditions hot and I lost lot of energy. It took me quite a while to get back on track and to into training. To be honest, I was struggling and thought about changing my race schedule. But just in time I got back in the rhythm. Two weeks after Mallorca I raced a small time trial near my hometown and was right back on my way to get my second 70.3 title this year in Raleigh.

ST: That Mallorca win was your second one there. How do those two titles compare?